A not-for-profit handbook. 100 insightful quotes from 100 global professionals.
“What the Coronavirus experience has taught us about the future of business?”

100x100 Business vs Coronavirus is a free digital handbook that seeks to introduce new ways of thinking about this uncertain time. Inside, you’ll find thoughtful and transformative reflections that span an array of topics and industries, from 100 professionals who differ widely by country, culture, gender, age, business sector and role.

There is a sole purpose: to innovate and transform the challenges of the pandemic into opportunities, sharing knowledge across the culture of modern business and encouraging reflection.
In fact, the 100 business minds who freely provided their quotes, and the eight partners who generously donated their time and creativity to bring it all to life, have stepped forward as volunteers. There are no profits, no sponsors, no advertising and no commercial activity associated with the project whatsoever.


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Author Maurizio Ribotti.
Published by b-f-t-m, an innovation marketing firm that supports initiatives to promote the culture of modern business.
Community partner Rinascita Digitale, to jointly promote the sharing of knowledge.


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